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“The idea behind our business – a new eco lifestyle”, is an innovation worth sharing and a story worth telling. Resources depletion, environmental pollution, and energy shortages are some of the pressing issues we are facing in the midst of development.

Annually, more than 45 million tons of waste are produced across the world, threatening to overwhelm our planet. So how are we going to restore the earth’s natural condition through the development of a green economy?

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reusable cup made from natural rice husks

A small change can make a big positive effect – save energy, materials, money and reduce waste by choosing non plastic reusables made from the all-natural by-product of rice milling….. Read more

eco bento box

Establishing a new form of healthy way to those who desire a practical and healthy meal. These small decorative boxes can hold a surprising amount of food….Read more


It does not grow mold with no added harmful substances, ensuring you stay healthy with every bite….Read more

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Husk’sWare Bento

Are we storing it healthily? Try our husk made Husk’sWare Bento, with a plain husk color, all natural with no harmful substances. Not as lavish as ceramic, and without the harmful toxins released by metal and painted utensils…..

Husk’s Cutting Board 

Cutting Board without the harmful toxins released by metal and painted utensils. It does not grow mold, ensuring you stay healthy with every bite….  

Husk’s Rice Bowl

Try our husk made Husk’sWare rice bowl, with a plain husk color, all natural with no harmful substances that keeps our family in good health.

About Husks Green

Since the Industrial Revolution arising from the actions of today’s industrialized societyour pollution and environmental damage have been rampantTo better protect the environment, it is necessary to reduce pollution and the destruction of nature. Striving to discover ways to improve this situation, hence, the decision to set up our group of companies. 

Vision and Mission

We are committed in promoting a healthy lifestyle and conserve our Mother Earth by providing eco products that conform to international safety standards.

Our History

Husks Green was incoporated in 2013 as Husks Green International Pte Ltd in Singapore to introduce the products made out of rice husks to international market.

Our Promises

Our products comply with food safety standards by the United States REACH, LFGB and other Laws on regulatory testing standards around the world.

Curated News for you

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Singapore local Chef Vincent for a cooking demonstration in Raffles City Farmers’ Market to show us how healthy and delicious dishes can be!….. Continue reading
We donated tree to support the National Parks Board’s Plant-A-Tree programme to help plant a new tree in the Central Singapore District.….. Continue reading

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