On-The-Go Picks

As our standard of living improves, we can afford to have more delicacies. Eating healthily is just as important as using the right utensils to keep our food safe from contaminants. Why not try our husk made utensils in plain husk colour? They are all made of natural ingredients with no added harmful substances. Though not as lavish as ceramic, but they are free from the harmful toxins released by metal and painted utensils. The husk made utensils also do not get moldy, ensuring you stay healthy with our husk made products. 

Husk’sWare Lunch Box

Husk’sWare Lunch Box made of rice husks fibre with no plastic elements. As our living conditions get better, delicacies soon become normal way of life. Keeping our delicacies in a simple and healthy lunch box is a better choice. 

Size Available: L size, S size. 

Husk’sWare Bento

No plastic. No spill. This rugged, long-lasting rice husks bento is BPA-Free, eco-friendly and do not pollute our landfills. Practical and stylish while helping the environment. Our plastic-free bento with its spill-proof lid features a soft-close latch and silicone gasket design by Husk’sWare.  

Size Available: One size

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