Why use rice husk?

Plastics and glasses are taking up few thousand years to degrade in the natural environment. Imagine our landfills where plastic bottles are left to degrade naturally, poisonous toxins and particles will be released into the ground over time. 

By switching to natural plant materials like rice husks, this material can be turned into natural compost 180± days which certified by DIN (German Institute for Standardization). Producing products out of natural plant resources reduce up to 70% less CO2 than to produce conventional plastic

Revives Waste

Instead of disposing rice husks as agricultural waste, the husks are revived into an entirely new product; thus, giving it a new lease of life on this planet as natural-material dining ware.


Used plastic food containers or boxes will be thrown away and ended up in landfills. These materials are taking up few thousand years to degrade in the natural environment. Rice husks products are durable and can be reused for years. As the material contains mainly husks and plant starch, it is easily biodegraded when it ends up in landfills after completing its lifecycle.

Conserves our valuable natural resources

By repurposing agricultural waste into resources, it helps to conserve our natural resources such as oil, metal, wood, and water.

Creates new demand

Products made from agriculture waste create new demands for more biodegradable and toxic-free products which, in turn, help our economy. 

Time it takes for garbage to biodegrade in the environment:

From paddy fields to homes

Rice husks is an agricultural waste. Annually, the world’s rice production is approximately 500 million tons. Out of this, the ratio of rice husk to rice is approximately 1:4, which is equivalent to about 125 million tons of rice husks produced each year. A common practice in many countries are burning the rice husks in the fields after harvested that causing severe air pollution, produces large amount of carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide and destroys the soil structure. It also poses a danger to farmers whose home are susceptible to catching fire when strong wind blows. Through our recycling process, rice husks are transformed to become natural and eco-friendly dining wares, cutleries and others kitchen wares that do not contain any harmful substances.


We believe in creating a safe environment for you, which is why we chose to craft our products out of the humble rice husks. This was our breakthrough and since the beginning, these hardy products of nature have allowed us to create high quality, eco-friendly and toxic-free products. Rice husks products are developed based on the environment of delivering safe, environmentally-responsible products to home across the world.